About the Abundant Forests Alliance
Press Room

Members of the wood and paper products industry in North America have joined together to form the Abundant Forests Alliance
We’re a group with many goals but one mission — to reassure you that there will always be plenty of forests.

We are the people who harvest trees and turn them into the wood and paper products we all need and enjoy (homes, furniture, the Sunday comics, and many more).

So we realize how important it is to keep our forests healthy, growing and abundant forever. We work to protect the delicate balance between supplying the products people need and giving the forest environment what it needs to flourish.

Most people just don’t realize how sustainable forestry practices, new technologies, improved recycling efforts and other advances are helping to ensure that there will always be plenty of trees and wood and paper products. Of course, we couldn’t do any of this without Mother Nature’s help.

By renewing, reusing and respecting our forests, they will remain abundant.