In your home and yard, and all around your community, there are so many ways you can use Christmas trees after the holidays to help the environment and help ensure that our forests can remain abundant for many generations of happy holidays to come.

But before using or donating your real tree, be sure to remove tinsel, plastic and other non-recyclable ornaments that could be harmful to animals. Never burn your Christmas tree, even if it is dried out. Burning the tree is bad for air quality and can cause a fire.

Be kind to our fine
feathered friends.

Help balance
our ecosystem.

Think spring.

Go organic in
your garden.

Give fish a
new home.

Improve hiking trails
and playgrounds.

Save our shoreline.

Don’t just recycle,

Make next year’s
presents out of this
year’s tree.

Enjoy the beauty
of branches all year long.

Make next year’s presents
out of this year’s tree.

To create holiday potpourri or sachets, let the branches dry, then remove and crumble the needles. Mix with cinnamon sticks, cloves or any other favorite Christmas scents. Place this potpourri mixture into tightly sealed jars. Or sew sachet squares and fill.

Make votive candle holders by cutting the trunk of your tree into round cross sections of varying thicknesses. Using a router, carve out a center circle to hold a votive candle. Cluster three or more together for a pleasing mantle or table top decoration.

You can make picture frames or picture ornaments by cutting thinner round cross sections, routing out the center and gluing a photo to the back of the cross section. Affix a ribbon hangar at the top back. Use a wood burning tool to write "Christmas 2006" on the front side.