make these katie brown gifts for under $30 each
You’ve seen her on A&E, PBS and Lifetime. Katie Brown is known for ideas that look great, yet save you time. Each of these homemade gift projects will become a treasured keepsake for anyone on your gift list.

Nature’s Scrapbook*
Paper and flowers have never looked so good together.

Box of Well Wishes*
Everyone loves a greeting card, so why not give a gift that always offers a new sentiment?

Scavenger Hunt Photo Frame*
What could be more fun for young children than a scavenger hunt turned into a charming gift?

Books Bound with Love*
Here’s a way to take the giving of books to impressive, new heights.

Friendship Timeline Card*
Give the priceless gift of a visit down memory lane.

Nostalgic Cookbook*
Give your son or daughter a treasure trove of family recipes for their first move away from home.

*Courtesy of Katie Brown Workshop, Photography by Evan McGann.

These gifts are easy to make and sure to please. One of America's favorite sources of information and tips on decorating, cooking and all things domestic shares these ideas for easy gifts with a personal touch that comes straight from your heart.

Covered Box Photo Album*
As pretty as a wrapped gift and as functional as a photo album, this covered box unfolds to reveal a collection of precious snapshots.

Dad’s Photo Album*
Give Dad a dashing album for storing treasured photographs, newspaper clippings, small works of art, and other cherished keepsakes.

Pressed Posies Card*
Keep pressed petals on hand year-round to make delicate invitations.

*Reprinted from book Better Homes and Gardens Easy Crafts Copyright © Meredith Corporation 2006. All rights reserved.

Years of working in the paper arts have taught Lynette a lot about how to use the varied textures, patterns and colors of paper to make truly unique and beautiful keepsake gifts. Here are three of Lynette’s favorite easy-to-make gifts that work for any occasion, from your best friend’s birthday to a baby or bridal shower or housewarming. Catch Lynette’s SCRAPcast for all kinds of cool tips.

Word Album**
This project begins by choosing a word that has importance in or describes the life of the person you are featuring in the album.

Treasure “Pocket” Book**
This gift idea can be used for many purposes—as a money holder, to hold inspirational quotes and poems, or any other “treasure.”

Home Décor Shadow Box**
This gift will be treasured by anyone who is moving into a new home, getting married or reaching any milestone in life, from a special anniversary to a new baby.

**Gift ideas are © 2006 Lynette Young / Purple Stripe Productions LLC / All rights reserved.