from Better Homes & Gardens*

As pretty as a wrapped gift and as functional as a photo album, this covered box unfolds to reveal a collection of precious snapshots.

  • Utility knife; 4-inch-cube box with lid
  • Paper to cover box; ruler; thick white crafts glue
  • Large needle; piece of yarn; large button
  • Black adhesive photo corners
  • Tube-style glitter paint
  • Large sheet of art paper in a color to complement box color


Use a utility knife to cut down through all four corners of the box so it lies flat.


To cover each of the four sides, cut four pieces of paper each 1 inch larger in width and length than side of box. Center and glue paper to front of each side, folding excess paper to inside. Cut a piece of paper to fit the bottom of box and glue in place.


Calculate width and height of lid sides plus an additional 1/2inch all around. Cut paper to this size. Center and glue paper to lid, folding paper over sides and around to inside edge. Cut a slit at each corner to ease the folding of the paper.


With a large needle punch two holes in center of lid top 5/8inch apart. Thread yarn through holes, slip button onto yarn, tie, and clip yarn.


Use adhesive photo corners and glitter paint to decorate sides of lid and corners of lid top. Let dry.


Cut four 37/8151/2-inch strips from art paper. Accordion-fold strips into 37/8-inch squares. Trim excess paper at ends.


Glue one end of each strip to an inside panel of box. Let glue dry. Affix photo corners and photos on both sides of paper strips. If desired, secure a photo in the bottom of the box using photo corners.

*Reprinted from book Better Homes and Gardens Easy Crafts to Make Together ©Copyright Meredith Corporation 2006. All rights reserved.