from Better Homes & Gardens*

Give Dad a dashing album for storing treasured photographs, newspaper clippings, small works of art, and other cherished keepsakes.

  • Glue stick; two 9 7/85 1/2-inch pieces of decorative paper for outside cover
  • Two 6 1/2 x 4 1/2-inch pieces of mat board for covers
  • Two 2 1/2 x 4 1/2-inch pieces of mat board for flaps
  • Two 8 5/6 x 4 3/8-inch pieces ofdecorative paper for inside cover
  • 1/8-inch hole punch
  • Alphabet stickers
  • Paper scraps; buttons
  • 1 package of plastic mini pocket album refills
  • Scissors; large paper clips
  • 15-inch piece of plastic-coated telephone wire; 1-inch-wide rubber band


Apply glue to back side of one of the cover papers. Center and lay a cover board and a flap board on paper, leaving a 1/8-inch gap between cover and flap. Fold edges of paper over edges of mat board. Repeat for other cover and flap boards.


Center and glue an inside cover paper over each mat board cover and flap. When glue is entirely dry, mark five holes along top edge of cover, 1/4 inch down from edge and 3/4 inch apart as shown on pattern, below. Punch out holes.


Decorate the front cover with alphabet stickers or use paper scraps and buttons to make a collar and a tie (enlarge and trace pattern, below) for a shirt.


Cut binder hole edge off each of the plastic mini pocket album refills. Punch holes across top edge to correspond with holes on mat board covers.


Sandwich the album refills between the front and back covers. Use paper clips to hold pieces together. Cut wire into 3-inch pieces. Slip a piece through each set of holes and make a circle about the diameter of a pencil. Twist the ends around each other four or five times. The twisted ends should be on the back side. Cut off excess wire.


Fold flaps to outside of each cover and use a rubber band to keep album closed.


To stand, remove rubber band from top cover flap only and flip top cover over to back. Overlap the two flaps, slipping the front flap through the rubber band on the back flap.

*Reprinted from book Better Homes and Gardens Easy Crafts to Make Together ©Copyright Meredith Corporation 2006. All rights reserved.