from Better Homes & Gardens*

Keep pressed petals on hand year-round to make delicate invitations.

  • Heavy card stock; crafts knife; ruler; 1/8-inch-thick white crafts foam
  • Spray adhesive; pressed flowers; paintbrush; decoupage medium
  • Solid paper; patterned pastel paper; pencil; envelope


Cut heavy card stock to measure 31/24 inches for the flower background and 1051/2inches for card. Fold the card piece in half. Trim a piece of foam to 31/24 inches.


Spray one side of foam with adhesive and apply to the background piece of card stock. Arrange flowers on background and brush on decoupage medium as flowers are placed on paper. When all flowers are arranged, brush one final coat of decoupage medium over surface. Reserve some flowers for envelope.


Cut a piece of solid paper larger than the inside panel of card. Spray the back side with adhesive. Apply to inside panel, lining up straight edge of paper at the fold. Trim off excess paper with a crafts knife. Repeat the same process for the front card panel using a contrasting paper.


On the front panel, measure in 5/8inch from each edge and draw a light pencil line. Open the card and cut out window using a crafts knife.


Close front panel, apply spray adhesive to back of foam, and affix centered through the window onto the inside panel.


For the envelope, glue a flower on the flap using decoupage medium.

*Reprinted from book Better Homes and Gardens Easy Crafts to Make Together ©Copyright Meredith Corporation 2006. All rights reserved.