When your children leave the nest, they'll be happy to have this taste of home--your treasured family recipes in a collection filled with love, family traditions and memories.

  • Index cards
  • Assorted sheets of paper in the approximate weight and same size of index cards
  • Family photos
  • Paper tags, thought bubble stickers, etc. to write captions and comments on
  • Chain, round clip or other device for fastening/binding cards together
  • Family recipes
  • A joke, memory, story or tradition associated with each recipe.

  • One-hole paper punch
  • Waterproof pens, markers
  • Sense of humor
  • Love


Write each recipe on its own index card.


Place a sheet of paper before each recipe. Decorate it with a photo, photo caption, story, joke, family custom or memory related to the recipe.


If you choose, you can select one color of paper to make into divider pages and organize your recipes by breakfast, lunch, dinner, holidays, etc. For each divider page, write the title and decorate as you please.


Make a book "cover" and back cover, adding a title, photo or other creative touch.


Assemble "book" pages in order. Punch a hole in the upper left hand corner of each page. Slip binder ring through holes.


Using a ring binder makes it possible to hang the cookbook on a kitchen hook. So easy. So much fun.