Now that you and your children have created a family tree, it’s time to grow the real thing. As your children grow, it can be a reminder to them that trees, like our families, have roots and grow over the years.

Collect two bunches of twigs (each bunch about six to eight twigs). One bunch should be about two inches longer than your picture; the other bunch should be about two inches wider. Arrange the twigs so they surround the front of your photo and extend about an inch in each direction. Tie the twigs at each corner using twine or string and glue the photo onto the back of your twig frame. If you want to hang your picture, you can also glue a small loop of string to the top batch of twigs. You can use this homemade picture frame to hold the family tree you make, an old family photo or anything else that represents your family history.

Fresh air! Good exercise! Spend a weekend afternoon with nature and the family by traipsing through the forests. Plan ahead by bringing a backpack to store water and snacks. Wear comfortable hiking shoes and layers of loose clothing.

* You need the free Acrobat Reader to view and print the template. Download it here.