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We've included everything you need to know about getting started on your family scrapbook in an easy to read Scrapbooking Guide. Download and print our guide to get started.


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1. How Do You Start? Make a plan. Write down what you want to display in your scrapbook. It can be anything you want — a holiday event, a soccer game or an out-of-town family visit. It’s up to you, so have fun with it. A good first step would be to collect a colorful variety of paper scraps, photos, greeting cards and put them in an oversized envelope or two. Label the outside of the envelopes, so you know what’s inside at a glance. Keep a note pad handy. Or any writing surface — napkins, old envelopes, paper bags — to write down your random thoughts. You’ll not only be recycling paper products but even your ideas! 2. Get Organized. Every family has them: hundreds — if not thousands — of photographs sitting in boxes and envelopes all over the house. Get them out, get them organized and get started. Remember those envelopes you wrote on in the first step? You we’re also getting organized, so get them back out. You can start to divide your paper trail of ideas into special themes or ideas. One for family, one for friends or just one for yourself. By being organized, you’ll find it allows you more time to be creative. You’ll also discover that having many different scraps of paper, decorative borders and colored paper choices will enhance your project whatever the theme. 3. Gather Tools. You’ll need a few things: albums, adhesives and removers, beads, buttons, charms, chalk, envelopes, pens, pencils, paper, rubber stamps, scissors, stickers, templates and stencils. If you can imagine it, you can use it your scrapbook. The right tools always help you make the right creative decisions. It can’t be stressed enough that the right tools are essential to your scrapbooking ideas. Your tools will give you the freedom to create just about anything you can imagine. Want a curvy border pattern? Cut it out with scissors or a circle template and an exacto blade. Have an idea for a collage with your paper scraps? Adhesives will do the trick. 4. Scrapbooking Anywhere. With Anything. And With Anyone. You can practice the craft while at the beach, on the train or at a soccer game. Scraps of paper, ribbons or photos? It’s your choice. Invite a family member, a neighbor or a good friend to join in. It’s a great way to preserve the big events in your life and your family’s life that are special to you. Once you get the hang of it, you’ll see that any outing can become inspiration for your next scrapbook. Or making additions to your current projects. Ask the office manager at your doctor’s office if they recycle their old magazines. Or ask them to give them to you. Certainly that’s something you could use. Ask a neighbor to save their newspapers for you. Newspapers are full of inspiration and need to be recycled anyway. When you’ve put the papers into your scrapbook, show your neighbor the contribution they made. Maybe they’ll get into scrapbooking, too!