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mp3/SCRAPcast_003-1.mp3 Beginner’s Fears: Many people want to start scrapbooking, but the fear of cutting precious family photos to bits can be daunting. Don’t be afraid and don’t be hard on yourself. Each scrapbook is it’s own special memory, no matter what it looks like. mp3/SCRAPcast_002-1.mp3 Take Scrapbooking on the Road: You can build a bare-bones scrapbooking kit while at the beach, on the train or at a soccer game. You can practice the craft anywhere you get the urge. mp3/SCRAPcast_003-2.mp3 Conquering Scrapper’s Block: The ideas for new layouts and page designs haven’t been coming recently. Get a jump-start on inspiration by talking to other scrapbookers. Share your old ideas––they may spark new ones. mp3/SCRAPcast_003-3.mp3 Scrapping Special Events: Weddings, birthdays and anniversaries are big events for a family. As a result, the pages that document these special events should be, well, special. Make the most of that big day. mp3/SCRAPcast_004-1.mp3 Hidden Journaling: One of the most important scrapbooking skills is the ability to write your memories on the page for posterity. Hidden entries can be a fun way to add your own personal touch—and a little mystery—to your pages. mp3/SCRAPcast_004-2.mp3 Organizing Your Photos: Every family has them: hundreds if not thousands of photographs sitting in boxes and envelopes all over the house.Create your own system for getting memories organized. mp3/SCRAPcast_004-3.mp3 Recording Important Information: Memories, like photos, can fade over time, so it’s important to record important dates, facts and names while you can still remember them. Also, don’t be afraid to ask senior relatives and friends for their perspective on older memories. mp3/SCRAPcast_009-1.mp3 Pre-Planning Your Pages: What makes a great scrapper? Planning, planning, planning. If you’re going to be scrapping away from home, you’ll need to know exactly what you’ll need before you leave the house. A solid layout and a firm plan make building pages easy and fun. mp3/SCRAPcast_009-2.mp3 Throwing Scraps Away: After you’ve finished a page, you will often have small scraps of paper remaining. Save them for future projects. For those scraps that keep hanging around, it might be time to get rid of them. mp3/SCRAPcast_010-1.mp3 Layered Memories: You can design your pages with 3D effects and compelling layouts with a layered look. Mix and match, and play around a little. mp3/SCRAPcast_010-2.mp3 Layout & Textures: You wouldn’t decorate your house with one fabric and you shouldn’t decorate your pages with just one texture. Explore and experiment. mp3/SCRAPcast_010-3.mp3 Rules of Three: Sets of three are everywhere in nature for a reason: things look better in groups. Give your pages an elegant symmetry with repetition. mp3/SCRAPcast_014-1.mp3 Recipe Books: Embellished recipe books are a great way to preserve your family's cultural heritage by documenting favorite dishes and holiday menus. Talk to older members of your family about recipes they loved when they were young!