Joan Lunden holds the distinct honor of being the longest-running co-host on early morning television. For more than 17 years on ABC’s Good Morning America (GMA), Joan joined households across the country during busy morning routines, becoming a trusted, friendly voice to families across the country.

“I feel fortunate I have this amazing relationship with so many people in America, because I was in their homes at a very private time of day…when I go out, anywhere I go, they come up and they hug [me] and they know the names of [my] children,” Joan said.

Along with developing a strong relationship with her GMA viewers, Joan was able to interview world leaders and popular culture icons, travel around the world, and cover some of the most important events during her time. She also experienced the great outdoors by mountain climbing, rappelling, river rafting and bungee jumping on various GMA segments.

Her love of the outdoors has continued to flourish. For the past 10 years, Joan has spent her summers in Maine where her husband, Jeff Konigsberg, has owned and operated summer camps for children. The camps provide wonderful opportunities for children who grow up in cities and suburbs to spend a few months learning about nature and the environment.

As a devoted mother of seven, Joan is committed to passing along to her children a strong legacy of health and wellness both in life and in nature. Joan works to ensure that her children understand what it means to respect and nurture the environment.

On working with the Abundant Forests Alliance, Joan said, “It’s our responsibility as parents to make sure that we leave the world a better place for our children and grandchildren. To do that, we have to understand myth from fact, act responsibly and appreciate the natural, renewable gifts, like wood and paper, we receive from our forests.”