The Abundant Forests Alliance and First Book
Providing Books to Communities in Need

OVERVIEW. The mission of the Abundant Forests Alliance (AFA) is to provide wood and paper resources for consumers and businesses – today, tomorrow and in the next century – by managing forests for future generations. One of the most valued gifts from our forests is a book. AFA wants to ensure that books – like our forests – are plentiful for all children to enjoy now and for generations to come.

AFA has partnered with First Book, a national nonprofit with the mission of providing children from low-income families the opportunity to own their first new books. This is a long-term partnership that will enable the distribution of millions of books to children across the country.

REBUILDING THE GULF COAST. The partnership efforts will immediately focus on rebuilding the Gulf Coast of the United States. As a starting point, AFA will donate 10,000 copies Chuck Leavell’s book, The Tree Farmer, to the communities most devastated by Hurricane Katrina.

First Book has launched Book Relief in response to the Hurricane Katrina disaster. The goal is to distribute at least 5 million books to displaced children and adults, to schools and literacy programs embracing the evacuees, and eventually to schools and libraries in the Gulf Coast as they are rebuilt. AFA is honored to be on the steering committee of this initiative, which includes major publishers, the Children’s Book Council and the Library of Congress.

Book Relief involves a public call to action. The public is being asked to “sponsor” books. Every donation of 50 cents will sponsor one book.

AFA also will work with First Book to make other major book donations and distribute books across the country over the course of the upcoming year.

HISTORY. First Book is an award-winning national nonprofit that has provided more than 35 million new books to children in need. Founded in 1992, First Book provides communities in need with a steady stream of high quality, new books for children to take home and keep.

About AFA
Members of the wood and paper products industry in North America have formed the Abundant Forests Alliance. We share information with consumers and customers about the many ways our industry is helping to ensure that with proper care and management there will always be abundant forests. We also listen and respond to environmental concerns about our forests and products. Through sustainable forestry practices, improved recycling and new technologies, our industry is helping to preserve the delicate balance between supplying the wood and paper products people need while giving the forest what it needs to flourish. By working together to renew, reuse and respect our forest resources, we can balance the needs of people with the needs of nature so forests can remain abundant.

Our members include Anthony Forest Products Company • Georgia-Pacific • Green Diamond Resource Company • International Paper • MeadWestvaco • Monadnock • Plum Creek Timber Company • Weyerhaeuser