The Tree Farmer
by Chuck Leavell and Nicholas Cravotta

Children’s book author by day, rock and roller for the Rolling Stones by night, Chuck Leavell brings his unique interests and passions in one place in his new children’s book, The Tree Farmer, which he coauthored with Nicolas Cravotta. Written for children ages 5-8 to read and share with parents, this beautifully illustrated and poetic story aims to educate children about the environment and each of our roles as environmental stewards.

The story begins with Grandfather, loosely based on Chuck Leavell, proudly taking his grandson on a tour of his farm. The grandson confronts Grandfather, asking how he can grow these trees with so much love and care, only to cut them down. As they walk through the forest, Grandfather describes the majesty of each tree. These visions encompass the circle of life, as Grandfather explains how some trees may become a bed to hold a child, a frame for a house, a love letter, a musical instrument, among other items that can uniquely touch and change lives. Throughout the colorful images and prose, Grandfather describes the ideals of stewardship and renewable resources. In the end, Grandfather likens the journey of the trees to the journey of his grandson’s life and wonders in what marvelous ways the grandson will change others’ lives.

“My family, my trees and my music are the most important elements of my life,” says Chuck Leavell. “Now that I am about to become a grandfather for the first time, I want to put all of my passions about forestry into words for the next generation. I’ve always said that we don’t inherit the land from our parents – we borrow it from our children.”

Chuck speaks from the heart and with first-hand experience as an accomplished conservationist and tree farmer. Chuck travels the country promoting sound forestry management practices and has become one of the most sought after keynote speakers on this topic. In 1999, Chuck and his wife, Rose Lane White Leavell, received one of the highest honors of forestry and were named National Outstanding Tree Farmers of the Year for the ideal management of their own tree farm, “Charlane Plantation,” near Macon, Georgia.

Chuck began studying forestry by correspondence and did much of his homework from the tour bus of the Fabulous Thunderbirds in the mid ‘80’s. As Chuck’s passion for music continued to grow, so did his passion for forestry. Chuck and Rose Lane eventually turned her family’s plantation into what has become a textbook tree farm.

Chuck and Rose Lane invite children and parents to their plantation, and into their minds and hearts to explore the beautiful world of forestry in The Tree Farmer.

The Tree Farmer will be available for ordering on October 24, 2005 on and for the price of $16.95. Please visit, and for more information on the book and on Chuck Leavell.

The Tree Farmer ISBN: 1-893622-16-9 ; Library of Congress: 2005935407

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