Chuck Leavell

Chuck Leavell is renowned for his work in the music industry. Currently, Chuck is performing with the Rolling Stones on the Bigger Bang tour, which marks Chuck’s twenty third year touring and recording with the band. Chuck is widely respected for his musical talent and contributions, having played with many artists throughout his career, including the Allman Brothers Band, Eric Clapton, George Harrison and a long list of others. Chuck also has recorded several acclaimed solo albums including his classic solo piano CD, “Forever Blue” and his new CD which he describes as “Southern Jazz”… a musical portrait of the South called “Southscape”. He has also recently penned a popular autobiography titled “Between Rock and a Home Place”.

While Chuck has made a successful career in his musical pursuits, music is only one of three passions in his life. “My family, my trees and my music,” Chuck names as the key elements to his happiness. In addition to being a professional musician, Chuck, along with his wife Rose Lane, is a devoted tree farmer.

The Leavell’s work on their forestland, Charlane Plantation, led to their recognition on October 4, 2005 by Secretary Gale Norton, U.S. Department of the Interior, as "Outstanding Citizen Stewards." They also were named National Outstanding Tree Farmers of the Year in 1999. Devoted to forestry, Chuck has traveled the country delivering speeches on stewardship and sustainability in hopes of shaping policy and promoting sound forestry management practices in our country.

Chuck is now spreading his forestry messages to a new audience through a children’s book, titled The Tree Farmer. Chuck will introduce children and parents to the positive role of sustainable resources and effective reforestation. Through the story he hopes to promote understanding and acceptance of the great value of forests and the renewable resources they provide. His book Forever Green: The History and Hope of the American Forest allowed Chuck to communicate these ideas with adults across the country. Now children will be given the opportunity to learn the balance between preservation of nature and the necessity of wood and paper products in our lives.

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