Read Together

If you read to your children, chances are they'll read to theirs. So start today and make reading together a regular occurrence. What better gift could you pass on to the future? And since books come from trees, a renewable resource, you're helping to grow the next generation of forests right along with your young reader.

Seeds of knowledge.
It's hard to imagine a world without paper or wood. That would mean the end of books, the fundamental tools of literacy. We never want to see that day. So while you are planting seeds of knowledge by reading with your family, the men and women of the wood and paper products industry are planting more than 1.7 million new trees each and every day. We're managing our forests to protect the delicate balance between peoples' need for wood and paper and the needs of nature.

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Trees become books. Books teach our children about forests and all the ways they make our lives and our earth better. There are so many fascinating things to learn. How do they grow? Why do leaves fall and come back? Where does fruit come from? Here is a list of wonderful books for children that you will enjoy reading together.
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Books for the Gulf and other needy communities.
The Abundant Forests Alliance and First Book believe that paper for children's books is one of the greatest gifts we get from our forests. With the help of organizations such as the Abundant Forests Alliance, First Book has launched a national effort to distribute at least five million new books to hurricane ravished areas. That's millions of pages of inspiration, exploration, opportunity, learning and fun. AFA and First Book are committed to sharing books with children and ensuring that our forests remain abundant so that there will always be books for kids and everyone.
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Turn on a child's imagination with every page you turn.
The Tree Farmer is a charming story about trees, life and the love between a grandfather and grandson. Written by Rolling Stones keyboardist and tree farmer, Chuck Leavell, and illustrated with wondrous silks by Rebecca Bleau, The Tree Farmer is a story meant for sharing with children. That's why AFA and First Book are donating 10,000 copies to all Gulf Coast communities where Hurricane Katrina destroyed many trees, as well as homes, schools and libraries.
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Reading. Writing. Recording. Get active with paper.
A blank sheet of paper is a canvas you and your children can fill with your imagination and creativity. So grab some paper, get a pencil and write a short story of your own. Have your children write a story for you. Begin writing down your family tree, or start a fresh new scapbook page. These activities create fun moments today that become memories to last a lifetime when you capture them on paper.
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